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Boys Town Day School

The Boys Town Day School serves students of all ages – kindergarten through 12th grade – who cannot receive education services in a public or alternative school setting because of their behavioral problems and academic deficiencies. Classrooms are designed for students who meet the following criteria:

  • Referred by their home school district
  • Are currently struggling with academic or behavioral problems in their present educational setting
  • Currently have social skill deficits

We Can Help Your Students:

  • Increase daily school attendance
  • Decrease problem behaviors
  • Improve academic deficiencies

The Day School meets all of the requirements of a special education provider. Day School teachers and administrators use the Boys Town Education Model ®, which promotes teaching values and social skills, and a strong academic education, including Special Education services.

Teaching Strategies

All Boys Town teachers are trained to design and present effective academic lessons and teaching strategies, and incorporate them into their daily instruction. All Day School teachers provide:

  • Clearly defined lesson outcomes
  • Daily direct instruction
  • Prompted and unprompted practice
  • Frequent opportunities for student responses
  • Frequent reinforcement of student responses
  • Consistent communication with parents/guardians about students’ progress
  • Support and assistance that enable students’ to meet IEP goals

All teachers also are trained in the Boys Town’s Well-Managed Classroom and Specialized Classroom Management programs, and in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NCI).

To learn more about the Boys Town Day School in Duncan, please call 402-897-2014. If you are calling about the Day School in Omaha, please call 402-498-1903.

510 6th Street
PO Box 201
Duncan, NE 68634

14124 Norton Drive
Boys Town, NE 68010
Phone: 402-498-1903