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Programs: Boys Town Day School

​​​​The Boys Town Day School serves students of all ages – kindergarten through 12th grade – who cannot receive education services in a public or alternative school setting because of their behavioral problems and academic deficiencies. Classrooms are designed for students who meet the following criteria:

  • Referred by their home school district
  • Are currently struggling with academic or behavioral problems in their present educational setting
  • Currently have social skill deficits

We Can Help Your Students:

  • Increase daily school attendance
  • Decrease problem behaviors
  • Improve academic deficiencies

The Day School meets all of the requirements of a special education provider. Day School teachers and administrators use the Boys Town Education Model®, which promotes teaching values and social skills, and a strong academic education, including Special ​Education services.

​Teaching Strategies

All Boys Town teachers are trained to design and present effective academic lessons and teaching strategies, and incorporate them into their daily instruction. All Day School teachers provide:

  • Clearly defined lesson outcomes
  • Daily direct instruction
  • Prompted and unprompted practice
  • Frequent opportunities for student responses
  • Frequent reinforcement of student responses
  • Consistent communication with parents/guardians about students’ progress
  • Support and assistance that enable students’ to meet IEP goals

All teachers also are trained in the Boys Town’s Well-Managed Classroom and Specialized Classroom Management programs, and in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NCI).

To learn more about the Boys Town Day School in Duncan, please call 402-897-2014. If you are calling about the Day School in Omaha, please call 402-498-1903.

510 6th Street
PO Box 201
Duncan, NE 68634

14124 Norton Drive
Boys Town, NE 68010
Phone: 402-498-1903

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