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Care Coordination Services

An intensive, family-centered case management program

Care Coordination Services is designed to help families navigate complex systems such as the mental health care system, the child welfare system, the juvenile justice system and the special education system while guiding your family through the healing process.

Who is eligible?

  • Children and families in crisis with mental health needs that require intensive services
  • Families with a child who is at risk for out-of-home placement or involved in multiple care systems
  • Families with a child who has, or may be at risk for, a behavioral health diagnosis

Program contracts may contain eligibility restrictions. Please contact us to determine eligibility for specific cases.

How does it work?

Through visits and meetings, trained Care Coordination Consultants work with families and other involved parties (school personnel, therapists, coaches, dependency case managers, juvenile probation officers, attorneys) to identify strengths and needs, develop service plans based on family choices, link families to services, monitor the services on an ongoing basis and advocate for the needs of children and families.

What types of services are available?

Boys Town works throughout the community to ensure that a wide variety of services are available to meet each child's and each family's individual needs. Family Consultants work in collaboration with families and other involvedparties to identify traditional and nontraditional services that would be most helpful to those in need of assistance.

When and where do visits occur?

All visits and meetings are scheduled at the family's convenience and can be on evenings and weekends. They can take place at the family's home or other locations in the community. Family Consultants are on call 24/7 to providesupport and crisis intervention for children and families.

How do I access services?

Contact us and one of our staff members will guide you through the referral process. If Care Coordination Services are not right for a family, we can help locate other services in the community that can meet the needs of the child and/or family.

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