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When Father Edward J. Flanagan purchased the Overlook Farm in 1921, it became the new, permanent site of Boys Town. Over the decades that followed, schools, churches and homes were built, and tens of thousands of young lives were transformed. When you visit the​ Village ​of Boys Town, a National Historic Landmark Di​strict, you’ll get an unforgettable ​glimpse ​into the history of ​an organization that has ​given ​​new hope ​​​to so many ​at-risk children over the past 100 years.


When you visit the Village of Boys Town, you’ll get ​an unforgettable glimpse into the history ​​of an organization that has given ​​new hope to so many at-risk children over the past 100 years. Download a map of our historic village.


Our Village is a true American treasure that will leave a lasting impression. Discover Boys Town today!

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Ariel photography of Boys Town.