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​​​​​​​​​​​How You Can Help

​LIFT To​​gether with Boys Town is unique because it delivers universal prevention services for the benefit of all students, parents, teachers and administrators while also delivering targeted services for students and families who are struggling the most. Regardless of the challenges a school or community faces, we want to make an immediate impact and then build on that foundation to achieve ongoing progress.​

LIFT Together needs your help to:

  • Provide family-focused services to more families
  • Provide educational training to more teachers and administrators
  • Put more Consultants in more schools
  • Conduct research and evaluation
  • Increase community engagement with partnerships

Your support will enable us to maintain and grow our initiatives in Nebraska, Nevada and New England, and to be prepared to expand in other locations when opportunities arise.

Your investment comes at a critical time. While the LIFT Together with Boys Town approach is still new, early results are promising, and we have cultivated strong advocates in various communities. However, long-term sustainability will require building a robust, data-driven case for replication at other schools.​ If you are interested or have further questions, please contact:

Program Director - Dr. Jasney Cogua-Lopez | 531-355-3204
Nevada -  Jessica Sasso
Nebraska - Melissa Steffes | Regina Costello
New England - Glen Hofmann | Eli Escrogin​
South Florida - Raul Herrera​​