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LIFT Together with Boys Town

A Bold Initiative

In communities across America, groups and organizations are successfully tackling issues that most seriously impact their most vulnerable populations. But they are limited by their size, scope and access to resources. Boys Town wants to utilize the best programs, with the strongest results, to lift families out of despair and impact policies and procedures based on solid evidence. That's the idea behind LIFT Together with Boys Town – to work in concert to more effectively help children and families by focusing on prevention and partnership.

LIFT Together with Boys Town

LIFT Together with Boys Town is a community-based, multi-tiered, multi-component, prevention intervention system. Our goal is to intervene before problems reach a level where children are unsafe, not at school, and the school community is not thriving. 

How It Works​

LIFT Together with Boys Town is bringing together educators, students, families, community members and Boys Town experts to address every student's social-emotional needs. This coordinated action is what makes the initiative so powerful. 

LIFT Together with Boys Town is currently operating at four Boys Town sites (Nebraska, Nevada, New England and South Florida). These sites are participating with specific communities and schools to improve problems such as social support, absenteeism, low parental engagement, disruptive classroom behaviors and family safety. Our hope is that these preventative services will help youth and families before they are involved in the Juvenile Justice or Child Protective Services systems.

Bring LIFT to Your School

LIFT Together with Boys Town is unique because it delivers universal prevention services for the benefit of all students, parents, teachers and administrators while also delivering targeted services for students and families who are struggling the most. Regardless of the challenges a school or community faces, we want to make an immediate impact and then build on that foundation to achieve ongoing progress.​

Here's how you can help:

  • Provide family-focused services to more families
  • Provide educational training to more teachers and administrators
  • Put more Consultants in more schools
  • Conduct research and evaluation
  • Increase community engagement with partnerships
  • Fund the LIFT initiative with a gift today


LIFT Together with Boys Town was created to strengthen communities by connecting families and services to improve youth behaviors and stabilize families. LIFT Together with Boys Town accommodates to the needs of the community, so the programs and services implemented depend on the need of each school and community.​

We work toward these goals through a tiered and multi-component system of services that provide interventions at universal and targeted levels. Our hope is that these preventative services will help youth and families before they are in the system.

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