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Healing Families

Giving Families Hope and Healing for a Better Future

When a family is in crisis, it’s often the children who suffer the most. That’s why every family deserves a chance to be saved. Boys Town reaches out to help these struggling families, lifting them up, helping them to heal and providing them with a path forward to a brighter future.

The stories included below are from families  all across the country who find hope and healing through Boys Town. Each year, Boys Town programs impact the lives of more than 2 million people across the United States. From our In-Home Family Services where we help families directly in their own homes to our Common Sense Parenting® classes designed to help parents improve their parenting skills, healing families is at the core of our mission.

The Four Brothers

A Story of Four Brothers

From the streets of Las Vegas to Boys Town to service in the U.S. Marine Corp became the life story of these four brothers. Learn how Boys Town saved these four boys and created a strong foundation for the next generation of their families.


Tony’s Story

On a stormy night in Detroit more than 20 years ago, Tony and his brother had just finished eating dinner out of a dumpster, when a priest rescued them and made arrangements for them to come to Boys Town. That decision saved their lives.


In-Home Family Services

Every family has its problems, but some family’s problems like drug and alcohol addiction, domestic abuse and behavioral challenges can threaten the families very existence. Boys Town In-Home Family Services® Consultants work with families to overcome these issues as they work to keep struggling families together.

Behavoral Health

An Inspiring Behavioral Health Journey

Shortly after her son was diagnosed with ADHD and disruptive mood dysregulation, he became physically aggressive. Mom feared that her son would struggle to the point where she might lose him. Learn the inspiring story about their behavioral health journey.

Randy & Emily and their  Boys Town Children

The Love and Support of Foster Parents

Family is everything to Randy and Emily. Becoming Boys Town Foster Parents has allowed them to share their love and family values with children who have never known close family bonds. See their story.

I have no reservations that bringing Brogan to Boys Town was the right move at all. Boys Town is an important member of my family.

Liza - Parent of Boys Town Youth

I think Destiny would, honestly, I think she would be dead or in jail if it wasn't for Boys Town. Boys Town is our saving grace.

Joni - Parent of Boys Town Youth

And I truly believe that Boys Town was really the foundation that helped me get to where I am today, not only as a man, as a professional, but also as a father and a husband.

Jorge - Boys Town Graduate

I have said this to people before, that I did not know what was going on over there, in that square mile, but there are miracles that are taking place every single day over there.

Karen - Parent of Boys Town Youth

Boys Town luckily had the answer. Now that we're past it, now that he's home, we know we made the right decision.

Kathleen - Parent of Boys Town Youth
Accomplished: Alyssa's Story
When Alyssa got to middl​e school, she found that the girls who were her friends in elementary school had become her tormentors
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Boys Town Parent
"Good Parenting is Doing Hard Things"
No one knows it all when it comes to parenting, but most of us feel like we should.
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Metamorphosis: Jacob's Story
Depressed, sad and lonely, Jacob handed his mother a letter in 8th grade telling her that ​he wanted to kill himself.
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Harmony: Nick and Karen's Story
Karen made one of the toughest ​decisions any parent has to ​make. She had her son Nick arrested and sent to Boys Town.
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"We Were All Brothers." Dan's Story
When Dan was at Boys Town in the 50s, diversity was not something that was readily accepted.
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Blossoming: Annie's Story
After the death of her father, Annie ran wild, becoming increasingly rebellious with each passing year.
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Reawakening: Connor's Story
Connor grew up in a loving, suburban family, but by his sophomore year, he was smoking pot, drinking alcohol and his grades spiraled downward.
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Free: Joanna's Story
For years, the Musgrove family endured repeated heartbreak and hardship as their eldest daughter Joanna suffered eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction and repeated suicidal thoughts.
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family meal
Family Meals at Boys Town
​​​​​​​Meals in a Boys Town Family Home are a special event.
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Regaining Hope: Jonathan's Story
​Like many families with children that have behavioral issues, Jonathan’s family felt helpless and hopeless as he continuously acted out at home and school.
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Dedication: Joey & April's Story
Unable to have children of their own, Joey and April decided to become a foster family.
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Rebuild: Robyn's Story
Robyn thought that violence was normal in a domestic relationship.
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Jeff, Misty and Family
Destiny: Jeff and Misty's Story
Before they were Family-Teachers, before they started a family of their own, and even before they met, Jeff and Misty understood what it was like to grow up in an unhealthy environment.
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Linda's Story
Listen to Linda tell her story.
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Resilience: Pyper's Story
​​​​​​​​Diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child, Pyper was bullied in school to the point of considering suicide.
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