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Joanna's Story

For years, the Musgrove family endured repeated heartbreak and hardship as their eldest daughter Joanna suffered eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction and repeated suicidal thoughts. Luckily for her ​family, they were able to​ connect with the child behavior experts at Boys Town.

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Joanna: I was addicted. I don't think I could not do it. It was an addiction and I couldn't stop. I would drink with my friends. I would do drugs with my friends. I would cut a lot. I tried to kill myself.

Nicke: You know as a mother you think you know your kids and you think you know what is going on and then something happens and it changes everything.

Steven: We just didn't know what was happening and the family was splintered.

Rebekkah: We of South Florida Care and Coordination received the referral for a 15 year old female. She was there for a suicide attempt of taking about 70 ibuprofen pills after handing her mother a suicide note. She also had cut herself nine times in the past and had severe drug abuse issues and severe bulimia and anorexia.

Steven: It has really been difficult the past four, four and half years for the younger daughter.

Demetra: Through the years we've definitely had problems but she's my sister so we are always there for each other.

Nicke: Had we not had Boys Town's help in getting all the services that we have gotten for Joanna and the difference that those services have made over the period of time for one thing I'm not so sure Joanna would be alive today. Either well... she would have either followed through on her suicidal ideations or her drug use would have spiraled out of control and could have been an accidental overdose. I'm convinced that had we not had the help that we've gotten over the years we may not have Joanna here today. And obviously, minus one member of the family we wouldn't have been the same family.

Rebekkah: I successfully closed my client's case on her 18th birthday in May. She had completed all of her goals. She had been free from illegal substances and alcohol for about a year a half and continues to be sober. She continues to be free from any self harm or suicidal ideations. She has a stable job where she's been working there for several months and she plans on graduating high school this year and going off to college.

Steven: Boys Town has, in my opinion, made the major difference in where Joanna is today versus where she was 3 years ago. As a family, we could not have done this without Boys Town. Boys Town was there almost 24/7 when we had a problem as a family or Joanna had a problem. Joanna would call Becky herself. My wife as she indicated ended up staying in contact with Becky regardless of the circumstance and regardless of the time of day and the day of the week. We owe where were at today and the outlook of the future to Boys Town.

Demetra: Since my parents have been working with Boys Town I've definitely seen a difference in Joanna and that effects our relationship because its definitely easier for us to get along.

Joanna: I want to show her that I'm doing better. I want to be like a hero to her, you know. Because I'm an older sister and I want to be able to protect her and show her because I was being such a bad influence and I have a good relationship with my family now. We do fight sometimes but we're getting along well and that's something that we haven't had in a while. I get along with my dad and I used to fight with him a lot. We didn't get along and now I get along with my parents. My family does everything for me, unconditional love. My parents are my best friends and they would do anything for me. What I want to do with my life from here on out is I want to study fashion in college. I want to get married. Its important to me. That's what I want.

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