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Regaining Hope:
Jonathan's Story

​Like many families with children that have behavioral issues, Jonathan’s family felt helpless and hopeless as he continuously acted out at home and school. The Boys Town Nevada Behavioral Health Clinic worked closely with Jonathan to help him understand and overcome the issues that fueled his destructive behavior. Today, Jonathan is a different person. He’s closer to his family and enjoys being successful in school. The positive experience at Boys Town has brought back hope to Jonathan and his family.

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Dr. Borsh: When families come in a lot of them are feeling helpless or hopeless and my whole effort is centered around how can I give this family hope again?

Jonathan's Mom: My son Jonathan, there was a lot of aggression, throwing backpacks, flipping desks. He hated us, living in a gutter would be better than being raised by us.

Dr. Borsh: When they brought their son in the concerns were that behaviors were really impeding his functioning at home and also at school. In therapy we really focused on not just academic skills and how he can focus more and going through important social skills such as listening and asking questions, but also focusing on how to manage his anger and frustration.

Jonathan's Mom: As he started seeing her she would explain to him exactly what he was saying. So, all those things that just cut like a knife into my mom heart stopped being said.

Jonathan: She always teaches me good stuff and what to do. She's the best.

Dr. Borsh: By the end of therapy he was a new kid. He wasn't using suicidal statements any longer because he was frustrated. He wasn't melting down and having temper tantrums. He was more eager to learn. He came home was able to do his homework. He stated he was happy.

Jonathan's Mom: His teachers didn't have any of the same issues. He was nice, he was sweet, he was attentive, he turned in all of his assignments, he actually cared how he did.

Dr. Borsh: I think we're called a behavioral health clinic because we really focus on behaviors. We feel that behaviors is the way to change and we don't want to get caught up in mental health diagnosis. That behind every diagnosis there's behaviors that are occurring that are making someone not be successful in their environment. So, it's really important to emphasize behavioral health. That also gives hope to families that they can do something about it.

Jonathan: I'm glad my mom signed me up.

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