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Joey & April's Story

Unable to have children of their own, Joey and April decided to become a foster family. They contacted Boys Town Foster Family Services and started preparing for their new lives as foster ​​​parents.

Joey and April have found that ​becoming a Boys Town Foster Family has forever changed their lives, giving them the opportunity to improve the lives of the young children they nurture as their own.

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April: We had been through a lot medically trying to have a baby. We talked about it, we prayed about it, and decided maybe this is the path that God chose for us.

Joey: There are so many kids out there that need a loving home just to take care of them and help them. It's's very rewarding, is what it is. I mean, just seeing our boys and their smiles every time they see us. And that's why it's gonna be bittersweet when they go home. But that's the best part is we did our part, and we gave them a safe place when they needed it, and they get to go home.

April: So when we got into foster care, we didn't really know what to expect. Boys Town did a great job of giving us as much information as they could and preparing us, but every child and every situation is different. And they prepared us for parenting in general too because a lot of the situations we're dealing with aren't unique to foster care, and we had never been parents before. So we went through some parenting classes with Boys Town as well, and they just walked us through every single step.

We thought we were gonna have to completely drop everything and just be foster parents, and I don't think that's true. You can still have hobbies and work, and so I just think people who are working and are involved in the community and have other children should consider foster care because, you know, it can just be part of your natural life.

Joey: And we're trying to get other people to be foster parents and experience it.

April: Spread the good word.

Joey: Yes. And spread their love because there's a lot of good homes out there that I know people can open up.

April: Oh man, it's a journey, it's a walk of faith, but it's worth it.

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