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Ways to Work

​When you don’t have a dependable vehicle to get you to work, it could jeopardize your job and make it difficult to support your family.

If you face this problem, Ways to Work could be the answer to getting a low-interest auto loan!

Ways to Work is a program that offers small, short-term loans for working parents who are not able to get a traditional loan because of credit issues. Usually, families that qualify use their Ways to Work loan to purchase a quality used vehicle or repair an existing vehicle so they can get to work, on time, every day.

The Ways to Work program can help working parents:

  • Move ahead in their careers
  • Overcome transportation challenges that contribute to poor attendance
  • More easily get their children to child care, school activities and doctor’s appointments
  • Improve their credit ratings, open bank accounts and improve their financial security

Ways to Work, Inc. is a proven national project that started in 1984. Locally, Ways to Work partners with Boys Town and Heartland Family Service to assist eligible families in Douglas, Sarpy and Washington counties in Nebraska, and Pottawattamie and Mills counties in Iowa.


  • Employed 20 hours per week for at least six consecutive months
  • Challenged credit history
  • Custodial parent of a child under 17 years of age (or 18 if child is in high school)
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Household income cannot exceed 80% of the area’s median income
  • Must live in Douglas, Sarpy or Washington counties in Nebraska or Pottawattamie or Mills counties in Iowa

Applicant Requirements

  • Complete the loan application process, including loan fees
  • Complete a financial management class
  • Repay loan within 24 to 36 months

For more information about the Ways to Work loan program and to see if you are eligible, call 402-650-9723 or email Virginia Ayers at

  • Destiny's Story For Destiny, Ways to Work Car Loan Leads to Bigger and Better Things

    Destiny had been catching rides or taking the bus to get to work and to get her son to doctor appointments for his heart condition. It was expensive and inconvenient, to say the least.

    A loan through Ways to Work enabled her to buy a dependable vehicle of her own, and most importantly, served as a stepping stone to greater independence.

    Even as a young adult, Destiny understood the importance of having good credit. She carefully tracked her money, paid her bills with money orders and did not apply for credit cards. She didn't have a credit score because she didn't finance anything. The only thing that appeared on her credit report was a cable TV account that had been opened by a relative on Destiny's social security number. Destiny paid it off.

    In the fall of 2015, Destiny entered the Ways to Work program and arrived for her Financial Education Class, ready and eager to learn more about credit and budgeting. She met the requirements for every appointment:  She was on time and attentive, opened a checking account at the bank and continued to save money. Together, Destiny and Ways to Work staff prepared an application to present to the program's Loan Committee, which approved her without reservation.

    At the loan closing, Destiny even brought $2,750 she had saved toward the purchase of a vehicle. Within 30 days, she found a wonderful, well-kept vehicle through Baxter Bellevue and finalized the purchase.  

    For Destiny, the experience was life-changing.

    "Well, first I would have to say thanks for everything," Destiny said. "The program is really a blessing, not only for me but for my son as well. Without this car, I don't know how I would get my son back and forth to the hospital; sometimes he goes in two or three times a week, and for that I will be forever grateful for the Ways to Work Program. And it helps my credit, too. So thanks again to everyone working with the program to help moms like me."

    But Destiny's story doesn't end there.

    Owning a car and taking on the responsibilities that go with it gave her the confidence to move forward on other goals. In one of her early conversations with Ways to Work staff, she shared her dream of someday owning her own home. Within six months of buying her car, Destiny applied and was approved for a home through the Holy Name Housing Project. Last December, she and her son moved in to their own place.

    Destiny truly epitomizes how a person turns a challenge into success. And it's only the beginning for her.

  • Kellie's Story Ways to Work Loan Paves Way for Couple's Bright Future

    September 11, 2017, will always be a special date for Kellie.

    It was the day she, with much joy and delight, paid off her Ways to Work car loan.

    The payoff was the culmination of a long, difficult journey that began when the single mom entered the Ways to Work program soon after leaving an abusive relationship. Although she'd made the only "right choice," it left her emotionally crushed and financially depleted.

    But even though her credit score was among the lowest of Ways to Work candidates, Kellie's spirit was unflappable. She readily absorbed and applied the principles of credit management and budgeting she learned in the program. Over the course of the two and a half years she had her Ways to Work loan, she made timely payments, didn't take out additional credit, paid off her credit accounts and saved money. Kellie even improved her credit score by 50%, one of the greatest milestones of her story.

    "I was a single mother and just graduated college with a credit score of 325," Kellie said earlier this year. "I had been in a domestic abusive relationship for eight years. I left him and lost everything I owned. When I was trying to get back onto my feet, it was either rent or credit card bills, and as a mother, I had to choose. I graduated college, got a good job, started paying off bills little by little, but didn't have a reliable car to get me back and forth to work. My credit had jumped to about 550 and that wasn't enough to get a decent car loan. Ways to Work helped me get a 2008 Jeep Patriot with 82,000 miles on it for $8,000. I have not been late on one payment and my credit is now 700. I'm getting married this year and feel like I now have something to offer this relationship."

    Just before her Ways to Work journey began, Kellie started at an entry-level position with a printing company in west Omaha. Over the years, she excelled in every positon until she exhausted her promotion possibilities; now, she's one step below the company's owner. In getting to know Kellie, Ways to Work staff learned that she wanted to become a homeowner and get married. Once Kellie's self-esteem improved and her confidence returned, she found a young man worthy of her affections. The couple married in October.

    Through connections she made with other agencies, Kellie then applied for and was pre-approved to buy a home. She and her husband will be writing the next chapter of their life together as homeowners in the near future.

    "I just want to say that Ways to Work has helped me and my family so much and it goes to show that everyone can get a second chance," Kellie said. "My family appreciates Ways to Work, not just for a new car but for a feeling of hope."

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