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Strengthening Communities

Helping Communities Thrive

Boys Town believes in the importance of strong communities. We strive to keep kids and families safe and thriving. We want to enable kids to stay in their homes and schools and out of the system. That is why we are collaborating with communities nationwide to improve education and access to opportunities, and to make it easier for kids and families to get the support services they need when they need them.

From our education services, where we are working with 2,000 schools nationwide to create more positive and safe learning environments, to the Boys Town National Research Hospital® which has led to major medical advances in communication and hearing disorders and treatments for substance abuse and childhood trauma, our work in strengthening communities is a core focus for Boys Town’s future.

Care Coordination

Boys Town is partnering with communities to provide care coordination for schools and families. This program provides a lifeline to children, parents and families struggling by connecting them with programs, services and/or resources in their community that can provide the best, most appropriate care. We focus on prevention and partnerships to create consistency to help more kids and families succeed and stay together.

24/7 Crisis Hotline

The Boys Town National Hotline®, staffed by specially trained Boys Town Crisis Counselors, takes thousands of calls every year helping people with issues ranging from bullying and family problems to substance abuse and even suicidal thoughts. Our team provides hope and support to those in need – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

School-Centered Partnerships

Boys Town partners with school districts, service providers, community leaders and local governments to implement school-centered strategies that strengthen schools and families to increase school success, keep families together and keep children out of the juvenile justice and child welfare systems.

Common Sense Parenting

Described as a “parenting program for every family,” our Common Sense Parenting Program is based on our research-proven, successful Boys Town Model®. We teach easy-to-learn techniques that address issues through a consistent method and structure that provides positive, lasting results. Common Sense Parenting helps parents in all situations address issues of communication, decision-making, self-control, relationships and school success. Learn more by watching testimonials from parents who have completed our parenting classes, or to find a class near you.

Herman and Yvonne Clayton
Success Story: Herman and Yvonne Clayton
Family-Teachers are the backbone of Boys Town’s residential care programs, many stating it's not a job, but rather a mission. Herman and Yvonne Clayton have dedicated 28 years in this significant role as Family-Teachers in Boys Town Louisiana.
Boys Town Kids Give Back
Serving others is an important part of kids’ lives at Boys Town. It not only contributes to their personal growth and development, but it also shows the surrounding community how much the students care.
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Passion: Diane's Foster Care Story
Diane entered the foster care system at age 10 and after multiple placements arrived at Boys Town as a teenager. “I wouldn't be the person I am today without my experience at Boys Town," said Diane.
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Emily Family
Growing Up at Boys Town: Emily's Story
​​​What's it like to be the biological daughter of two Boys Town Family-Teachers? If you ask Emily, she'll tell you that it's a truly unique experience — one she'll treasure for the rest of her life.
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Jim St. Germain
A Conversation with Jim St. Germain
Jim St. Germain grew up in Brooklyn and quickly adapted to the street life by stealing and selling drugs. At 15, he was arrested for dealing crack and placed in the Boys Town program.
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"Boys Town is Home" John's Story
​John’s family moved 15 times by the time he was 11. Because his father was often away from home for long periods, his mother struggled to manage the children on her own.
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Community Support: Maria's Story
Boys Town Community Support Services helps keep kids and families safe, keep them in their homes and in school and keep them out of the system. One such family recently experienced just how helpful Boys Town can be when their eldest​ daughter was fou
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Paying it Forward: Antonio's Story
Expelled from multiple schools, running with gangs and selling drugs, Antonio was making all the wrong choices.
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Leading the Way: Mary's Story
“Lessons I learned at Boys Town are still very applicable today," she said. “And I can tell you without a doubt, I would not be where I am today without my experience at Boys Town. I was on a destructive path.
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One Family's Inspiring Behavioral Health Journey
This story is about one family, but their circumstances are not unique. Many families face behavior issues and struggle to find the help they need.
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