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Community Support: Maria's Story

Boys Town Community Support Services helps keep kids and families safe, keep them in their homes and in school and keep them out of the system. One such family recently experienced just how helpful Boys Town can be when their eldest​ daughter was found to have been drinking when taking her younger siblings to school. See their inspirational story. ​

The goal of Boys Town Community Support Services is to provide families the resources and support they need to keep their kids safe, in school and out of the system.

This is the story of one family Boys Town has helped.

I have four children, two girls and two boys. I worked, my husband, too. So, we would leave home very early. My daughter, the eldest, had a little more responsibility over my other children. And I think it was a lot for her.

Around December, we had an incident with my daughter. She was a little drunk when she picked up the kids from school. So, she was taken to the hospital, and that's where I heard about the program.

Tania: So, when the family started with Boys Town, there was a lot of stress in the home. They weren't very informed as to how some of the services worked. I think that having someone to help them advocate for themselves, that really helped them.

When I did not have transportation to go to the appointments, they took me. They also helped me find transportation for school. They helped me search for Alcoholic Anonymous meetings that we had to go to.

I think Boys Town did help me because I did not know how to control my daughter's emotions. Right now, my family is very well. Much, much better. I'm very grateful to them.

Tania: These services are offered to the families that want help. We are looking for families to be on the preventative side. We want to keep them in school, keep them safe and keep them at home. Unfortunately, there are some kids that after they get into the system, it's really hard for them to get out. So, if we can get them before, I think a lot more of that work needs to be done. I think that's our goal.

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