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Passion: Diane's Foster Care Story

Diane entered the foster care system at age 10 and after multiple placements arrived at Boys Town as a teenager. “I wouldn't be the person I am today without my experience at Boys Town," said Diane. “That's why I feel such a passion to give back, especially to teenagers, as I remember those desperate feelings so well." Today, Diane is a foster parent through Boys Town, where she has opened her home to two teens. “I know how life-changing it is to feel that you belong and have a family of your own. That's what Boys Town gave me and what I want to do for others."

Diane: My name is Diane and I am a foster parent through Boys Town. I entered foster care when I was about 10 years old. I went through many different foster homes, group homes and RTCs and eventually ended up at Boys Town. I always say that Boys Town saved my life and I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for Boys Town.

I like to foster teenagers because I was once that teenager in foster care that nobody wanted to take in and I remember that feeling deep inside that I was too old for foster care or for a family of my own. So, that's what really drives me to teenagers in particular. You know they need a home and love and structure just much as the five year old or the cuddly baby that was just born. I have an 18-year old, Christian, a 17-year old Adrianna, and a 5-year old Franklin.

Adrianna – I'm really grateful for everything that she's done for me. She welcomed me with open hands into her home  and to her life and I'm forever grateful that she ever did that for me.

Christian: I like her little son Franklin, he's like our little brother.

Adrianna: Now I see Franklin as like my little brother. I take him to the park or I walk him home from school.

Diana: From the day they came to now is to me its a drastic change. They're part of the family and we cook dinner together and play board games together, do things as a family which is really nice.

I foster through Boys Town because they've had such an impact on my life when I was a youth at Boys Town and they had amazing training so that was good. I have a great foster care specialist, whenever I need something or have questions or are struggling with something they're there for me and the kids.

I would say the best thing about fostering is seeing the kids be happy, getting to do things they wouldn't normally get do.

Adrianna: Thinking about fostering I think it's a really good idea to do, because any kid is open to home with love and care and any kid deserves that.

They deserve a chance at family, they deserve a chance at happiness and normalcy and seeing my foster kids prosper and turn out to be such amazing adults makes me realize that this my passion and drive and to do it even more.

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