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​​​​​​​​​Boys Town has been dedicated to saving children and healing families for 100 years. Boys Town Nebraska offers a variety of services based on the research-proven Boys Town Model®:

Psychiatric Inpatient Care

The Psychiatric Inpatient Center at Boys Town National Research Hospital provides immediate intervention and stabilization for children with severe behavioral and mental health crises. Our 16-bed state-of-the-art facility provides the highest level of care and safety for children, ages 5-17, who need psychiatric hospitalization. The Center includes classrooms, living spaces and recreational areas. Patients receive treatment and care from a multidisciplinary team of board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists, pediatricians and pediatric specialists, highly trained psychiatric nurses, and social workers. Upon leaving the Center, patients may be referred to one of Boys Town’s lower levels of care, such as residential treatment, outpatient care, telehealth or in-home services to meet the behavioral and mental health needs of the child and family. The length of stay at the Center is typically short with the average stay of five to seven days.​​

Residential Treatment Center

The Boys Town Residential Treatment Center is changing the lives of children ages 5 to 18 who have severe behavioral and mental health problems through a proven medically-directed treatment program. Our treatment program is specifically designed to offer medically-directed care for more seriously troubled youth who require locked facility supervision, safety and therapy but do not require inpatient psychiatric care.

Intervention and Assessment

We provide care for abused, neglected, runaway and delinquent youth of all ages by removing them from dangerous situations, assessing their needs and beginning to work toward family reunification or other permanent care.

Boys Town Family Homes

We provide a family for children ages 10 to 18. Six to eight boys or girls live in each single-family home with a married ​couple called Family-Teachers®. In these homes, youth learn social and independent-living skills that help them find success in school and in their community.

Foster Family Services

Foster parents, trained and supported by Boys Town, open their homes to children who need a safe place to live. To embark on the meaningful journey of becoming a foster parent in Nebraska, get started here or call 531-355-3036.

In-Home Family Services

We help teach families not only how to handle issues after they arise but also how to prevent them from becoming more disruptive, while they remain in their home.

Community Support Services

Children and parents can tap in to a wide variety of resources to learn how to help themselves through advice from our experts, or receive direct care through specialized services. Most resources focus on prevention rather than intervention.

  • The Behavioral Health Clinic offers a wide range of outpatient services for children of all ages. Individual therapy, family therapy and psychological evaluations are available for children and young adults (up to age 22) who are experiencing any of a wide variety of problems, including ADHD, school difficulties, emotional issues, noncompliance and relationship concerns.

  • Care Coordination Services provide a lifeline for children suffering from mental health issues by connecting them with programs or resources that can provide the best care.

  • Common Sense Parenting ® helps parents learn new skills, build on their parenting strengths and develop healthy relationships with their children. Numerous families and children benefit each year from these classes, which are offered to parents in the Omaha area. Learn more or find a class in your area or call 531-355-1059.

    Boys Town is proud to be working with many other community organizations to provide ​needed parenting resources to the ​refugee programs within Omaha. Learn ​More.

  • LIFT Together with Boys Town(SM)is a community-based, multi-tiered, multi-component, prevention intervention system. Our goal is to intervene before problems reach a level where children are unsafe, not at school, and the school community is not thriving. The program’s family- and school-based programs combine for a multi-component approach that uses a common language and a common set of expectations among teachers, parents, and children. Learn More.​

  • The Boys Town National Hotline® (800-448-3000) is a free resource and counseling service that assists youth and parents 24/7, year round, nationwide.

  • Parenting Support We've learned a lot about caring for children and families over the past 100 years. All that knowledge has been adapted and made available to all parents online. View our content for Parents »

  • Boys Town Press® produces books, audio products, DVDs, display materials and other resources to assist children, parents, caregivers, educators and other professionals.

  • is a special website that enables and encourages teens to share their problems and concerns in positive ways and provides access to immediate help in a crisis.

  • School-Based Programs provide a variety of training and instruction resources for teachers, administrators and other school staff that can support or enhance an educational environment. Training programs are based on the Boys Town Education Model ®, which focuses on skills teaching, relationship building and effective discipline procedures.

  • Boys Town Schools ® include school programs operated by Boys Town that help students with learning or behavioral problems to be successful i​n the classroom. This includes students who are being served by ​Boys Town programs or have struggled or failed in mainstream schools. Specially trained Boys Town teachers and administrators provide instruction ​to help meet children's unique learning needs. Learn More.