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Boys Town developed its Integrated Continuum of Care SM as part of an ambitious, ongoing effort to expand the life-changing care we provide to children and families across the United States. The Continuum is unique to Boys Town and enables us to deliver the right treatment at the right time to troubled children and families who are edging toward crisis.

The Integrated Continuum offers the following levels of care:

Across the Continuum’s service levels and in all programs, care is consistently effective because it’s based on the research-proven Boys Town Model ®. As children and families make progress (or fail to make progress) at one level, they can move to other levels that better fit their needs, without starting over in their care and all within the same model.

Services toward the top of the Continuum provide more intensive care and interventions to children with serious emotional or behavioral problems. Children receive these services outside of their homes, so reunification with their families, whenever possible, is always the ultimate goal.

Services toward the base of the Continuum focus on helping families stay together, preventing children from being removed from their homes, and assisting parents by providing training, counseling and other resources.

That’s why Boys Town is developing its Integrated Continuum of Care at its sites across the country to help reform the nation’s fragmented and overburdened child and family care system. Existing services and programs at each Boys Town location provide the foundation for building and spreading the Continuum.