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​​​What would happen if you could improve circumstances for those who are suffering from abuse, addiction, or abandonment, so they could reach their potential? We believe that every child deserves a future, every family deserves to stay together and every community deserves to thrive. So, for the young man dodging gunfire on the streets just to get to school, the family torn apart by substance abuse, and the community crumbling from neglect and social disorder, Boys Town offers hope…to the thousands in need.


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​Child 1: There are thousands of kids in danger right now. Kids like me.

Child 2: And me.

Child 1: Everyday, Everywhere.

Child 2: Some of the dangers you can see.

Child 1: But some you can't.

Child 2: And some are inside you, following you wherever you go.

Child 1: We're not just in big cities, we're everywhere.

Child 2: You might even know one of us. Maybe more than one, because there's a lot of us.

Child 1: And every kid like me who isn't saved, will cost you. Will cost everyone for a long time.

Child 2:  Every boy or girl

Both: lost like us.

Child 1: Every family broken

Child 2: Makes it harder for you city, harder for you.

Both: But with Boys Town there is hope.

Child 1: Boys Town believes that kids like me can be saved.

Child 2: And families like ours deserve the chance to stay together.

Child 1: Take a look at what Boys Town gives us.

Child 2: A safer place to live.

Child 1: A path to reach our potential.

Child 2: Support for our parents, better schools.

Child 1: A place online where we can get advice.

Child 2: And a national crisis hotline to call.

Child 1: They can help us all get on the right track.

Child 2: How can you help? It's easy.

Both: We need you.

Child 1: Because every child's story deserves a happy ending.

Child 2: Share this one today and help us write another.​