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​​​​​Father Flanagan's dream to help save lost children of all faiths was a testament to his love for his fellow human beings. That spirit still flourishes as Boys Town continues his mission of saving children and healing families, regardless of their religious background. We have always tried to instill in children the central position that spirituality must hold in their lives if they are to recover from their emotional wounds and find peace. ​When kids take that message to heart, they grow in ​their faith during their time at Boys Town and maintain a strong spiritual life long after they leave.


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Father Edward Flanagan: At Boys Town, we're trying to teach our children a knowledge of God because unless we believe in our Mighty God, it's impossible to do anything.

Brianna: The role that faith plays at Boys Town is huge. I think without faith, Boys Town wouldn't actually be Boys Town.

Angela Powers: Kids may come to us with strong faith and it helps them get better, or they may come with little faith and gaining some faith actually pushes them to be a better citizen, heal their wounds, and contribute to society. So I think it's a big part.

Ean: Faith became important to me at Boys Town from the first couple days that I got here. I didn't have anything to quiet down my mind. I didn't have anything to really turn to other than God, and since then, God has become an important part of my life, and I pray every day. And the first thing that I do when I wake up is get on my knees and start praying, and it helps me throughout the day.

Brianna: If you don't have God in your life, I feel like you're really not living because He is such an important person and He's really the only one that you can count on at the end of the day.

Laura: It gives them hope in the sense of, you know, "I can change my life. If I allow God into my heart, my life, then I can do anything because I'm not alone."

Callie: Last year and this year, I've had people who died, and they were really, like, big kind of death. Like one was a previous family teacher I had, and he died. He lost the battle with cancer, and he was really close to me. Like, in the beginning, I was really angry and sad, but then, instead of taking that anger out and doing bad things... I don't really read the Bible, but I went to the Bible both times and found passages to help me get through that hard time.

Angela Powers: Every year at graduation we have kids share what they're appreciative for, and I would say 90% of those kids thank Boys Town or the people at Boys Town for teaching them how to make God a part of their life.

Mariah: Boys Town has taught me that no matter where I am, I'm never far from the love of God. He never left me, I just couldn't see Him. I have become a new person. I no longer feel alone and broken. Boys Town saved me.