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​​​​​​​Boys Town has worked with schools all across the country, including Percy L. Julian High School in ​Chicago. See how Boys Town helped this school in crisis foster a “culture of calm” that improved student achievement by reducing social ​instability.


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Ihechi: Prior to Percy Junior becoming a culture of calm school, I would say there was a lot of instability. And the students, they sensed that level of instability and it created an atmosphere of chaos. Once they realized that Boys Town was actually a way for them to have a voice and a way for them to be heard. I think the students from that point on, they took a liking to Boys Town. Upon implementing some of the Boys Town strategies and having those initial successes, that lead to greater and greater participation and buy-in by the faculty and staff. Teachers, the students and the entire staff, they know that we have a common language and a common set of expectations and if there's a breakdown you can always rely on those core fundamentals that we have with the Boys Town skills.