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Jecinia, 2018 Boys Town Graduate

“My favorite thing about Boys Town is that they let you be a kid.

My favorite outing is going out to Okoboji (Boys Town’s summer camp in Iowa). I never went tubing before Okoboji. So going out and experiencing new things that I never thought that I would try was an amazing thing for me. It’s just fun to let loose, be myself and be free...

I love being around the kids. I love playing with my house sisters, and just giving my time to everybody in the house.

Being here at BT changed my life in major ways. I’ve learned to know who I am, to know what I want in my life.”


As citizens of Boys Town, our youth rediscover their sense of belonging and develop pride in being a valued member of their community. Nurturing this close connection to their Boys Town “family” is something that sets us apart from other residential programs and helps kids get better. Our kids go to school together, play together, work together and pray together. That helps them see themselves as part of something that’s bigger than they are.