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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Education can change lives. Boys Town has ​recognized this truth for a century, which is why education remains one of our focal points. At Boys Town, we teach beyond the material in textbooks by also teaching life skills, social skills, appropriate behavior skills and accountability. We ​provide our kids ​with the best ​​education possible so they can become productive citizens and contributi​ng members of society.


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​John: We're all here and we're all you know, part of this idea that started 100 years ago, and we're trying to help kids and make their lives a little bit better.

Mike: Boys Town strategic plan is to empower communities. And what schools are is that they're smaller pieces of a community but they are definitely the gateway into families. So oftentimes what you see is whenever kids are struggling behaviorally in school, there is a correlation with family struggling in community. So, as our Boys Town education model is able to work with schools that provides a gateway to helping and supporting communities across the country. So, we really wanna change the way people look at managing behavior and classroom management so that teachers feel empowered and schools feel empowered and we're able to change communities and cultures.

Dr. Reznicek: We're teaching life skills, we're teaching social skills, we're teaching appropriate behavior skills, we're teaching accountability.

Alesia: Education is so fundamental. And so it's so important that we make sure that our kids are in class. One of the problems that one of the schools had was that they didn't have a lot of instructional time, and a lot of our kids are way below the line where they should be. So, being in class, hitting at education, becoming a productive citizen of the community will just help the community as the whole. That's the thing. It's not about that individual child. It's not even about that individual family. It's about communities. Communities helping each other, growing, just loving each other, and ​being stronger than ever, and I think it starts with good ​education.​