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​​​​​We love that the kids at Boys Town leave with dreams because so many of them came to us burdened with nightmares. Boys Town was founded on a dream. And Father Flanagan’s dream has been the starting point for the dreams of thousands of children for more than one hundred years. There are so many more dreams and hope ... hear kids share in their own words in the video below.


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TJ: My dream? My dream is to have a normal life, go to college, graduate, have a family of my own and treat it like how Boys Town treat their families, same way I'm gonna treat my family.

Megan: My dream is to be a National Youth Poet Laureate. I love poetry. It's become an outlet for me to process things. It's just an extension of myself and my thoughts, and I like to share that.

Jared: Just get good pay and hopefully be able to support my own family one day.

Alexes: When I was in foster care, I know it was nice to have good foster parents and I want to be that light for kids.

Kehinde: It makes me happy helping others, if that makes sense.

Jailynn: My dreams for my life is to be the face of change for social work.
Maddie: My dream is I want to study psychology. I want to become a psychologist. My therapist here at Boys Town changed my life, and I want to be that person for someone else.​

Boys Town is where children grow in body, mind and spirit. And every donation, every prayer, every action creates the second chances our kids and families deserve. Help more kids achieve their dreams with a gift today. ​

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