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A Boys Town Prayer

With a strong spiritual foundation, children can heal and find strength for the rest of their lives. It is our unique approach that enables us to heal not only the body and mind but also the spirit. It was important to our founder, Father Flanagan, that children find their faith at Boys Town, whatever that faith may be. He often wrote prayers to help the boys speak to God if they didn’t know how. Prayer is used regularly on campus today to help boys and girls get through a tough day, prepare for a big game or to remind them they are not alone in their life journey. In the video below, hear some of our kids as they share the Boys Town prayer, one that has helped so many of them find their faith today.

Dear Lord, Help every child at Boys Town this day.

Make each of them feel loved and wanted and cared for and appreciated.

When they are down, give them a lift.

When they are hurt, give them healing.

When they cry, dry their tears.

When they run away, bring them safely home.

When they fall, pick them up and hold them ever close to Your heart in the palm of Your hand.

Finally, Lord, fill their hearts with faith, hope, and love, now and forever.


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