New England Lift

Fostering a Sense of Community - Lift with Boys Town Offers Help for Those in Need

It started like any other morning. Boys Town New England’s Senior Director of Program Operations, Eli Escrogin, was just walking down the street toward her favorite coffee shop, but this day proved to be different. Eli noticed a family of three looking lost and scared standing on the sidewalk. As she drew nearer, they spoke to her in Spanish asking for directions to the library. Something inside her told her that their paths had crossed for a reason, and she was right.

Eli, who is fluent in Spanish, warmly responded to them. She soon learned that they had just arrived from Venezuela, and she could sense their despair as they shared that things were not going well and that they didn’t know where to turn. Eli’s bright smile turned their fears to hope as she told them about her role at Boys Town and how she could help them. They followed her back to her office.

The day of that first visit, the family had to rush to another appointment, so an intake appointment was scheduled for two days later. By the time that day arrived, the family’s situation had gone from bad to worse. Eli noticed that they looked exhausted, and a sadness filled the conference room where they were gathered. Through her tears, Kimberlin, the mother, shared that she had no food for her young son and that they were living in their car at a truck stop.

Eli immediately flew into action and within a few minutes returned with an armload of basic items, snacks, and food. The little boy devoured a granola bar with a big smile of gratitude. Meanwhile, Eli was hard at work finding services to help them through the Lift with Boys Town program, a community-based program that helps those in need. She knew she could help them.

Almost immediately, Eli’s help ensured that the family began receiving assistance and within a few weeks, both mom and dad, Kimberlin and José, had jobs they enjoyed. Their son also received the medical and dental care he needed and was enrolled in school, where he continues to thrive. The family celebrated that they were finally back on their feet and had hope for the future and a new friendship was forged.

“Helping families like Kimberlin’s is why I do what I do,” said Eli. Kimberlin shared, “I feel appreciation, affection and gratitude for Boys Town. It is like my home, my family.”