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The following is part of our Centennial Timeline Series, providing historical insight into each decade of Boys Town's history. During the late 1980s and 1990s, Boys Town expanded across the country, constructing several new campuses from Las Vegas to New England. This decade also saw the first female mayor of Boys Town and the birth of the highly successful Common Sense Parenting® program.

The late 1980s through 1997 brought major expansion and change to Boys Town's organizational model, including the opening of new Boys Town sites in New England, West Palm Beach, and Las Vegas. In addition, the Boys Town National Hotline, a toll-free crisis telephone service, began taking calls from all 50 states and a new residential treatment center opened at Boys Town National Research Hospital to serve children with serious behavioral issues.

Along with reaching out to more children from coast to coast, Boys Town developed its Continuum of Care to consolidate Boys Town programs. This paved the way for more effective policies and procedures to reach even more children in the future.

Boys Town New York 1990

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