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The following is part of our Centennial Timeline Series, providing historical insight into each decade of Boys Town's history. During the tumultuous 1970s, Boys Town made a fundamental change in the way it cared for at-risk youth, implementing its highly successful Family Home Programsm. It also saw its leadership pass from Monsignor Wegner to Monsignor Hupp.

Boys Town Alumnus Lloyd Bucher, commander of the USS Pueblo, and his crew were captured by North Korean naval forces in 1968. They were imprisoned and tortured for nearly a year before their release in 1969.

In 1972, the Omaha Sun newspaper reported that Boys Town had a large endowment fund. Boys Town and others defended the fund, explaining that it ensured that the home would be able to continue its work far into the future.

In 1973, Monsignor Nicholas Wegner retired as executive director, and Monsignor Robert Hupp became Boys Town's third executive director. Monsignor Wegner passed away three years after retiring, in 1976.

In 1974, Boys Town hired the first Family-Teacher Couple for its new Family Home Program, designed to provide care for youth in individual family-style residences.

In 1976, Mother Teresa of Calcutta received the Father Flanagan Award for Service to Youth during a visit to Boys Town. That same year, Boys Town transitioned to the Family Home Program, and the last of the boys moved into 70 family-style homes in the village.

Loyd Bucher

Check out our interactive timeline to learn more about this decade at Boys Town.​​

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