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Residential Care

  • Family Homes

    ​Having children live in a family-style ​​residential​ home that is part of a beautiful community is only part of Boys Town’s approach to helping boys and girls get a fresh start in life.

    The Boys Town Family Home Program℠ is at the heart of our efforts to guide children toward success in school, with their families and in life. With a focus on teaching social and independent-living skills and building healthy relationships, our program gives youth a solid behavioral, emotional, social, educational and spiritual foundation that helps them grow and thrive.

    Each child lives in a family-style home and receives structured guidance and care from professionally trained, live-in married couples called Family-Teachers, who are the primary caregivers. Six to eight boys or girls, ages 10 to 18, live in each home. The Family-Teaching couple and a full-time Assistant Family-Teacher are responsible for providing structured 24-hour supervision for youth in their daily living and care activities.

    On a typical day at Boys Town, your child will attend year-round school, participate in school-based activities, eat meals with the Family-Teachers and other youth and complete chores and homework. Family-Teachers monitor the behaviors of all their youth and communicate with teachers and parents on school progress and behaviors. 

    As children get used to living in a Family Home, they develop a sense of belonging and pride in being a member of the Boys Town community. While Boys Town is only their temporary home until their care needs are met, this close connection with their Boys Town “family” contributes to their care plan and is another important family-oriented factor that sets Boys Town apart from other residential programs. Rather than saying “I live in Building 3,” our youth say, “I live in the Smith home” and “I’m a Boys Town Cowboy.”

    Boys Town youth enjoy hundreds of experiences that are part of just being a kid. From summertime fishing in the lake to riding a bike across campus to sledding in the winter to cheering on the Boys Town Cowboy sports teams, boys and girls have fun and develop lifelong friendships. That’s because we believe children need a healthy balance of learning and fun activities in order to grow and thrive.

    Opportunities for fun and learning also extend beyond the Village. Boys Town is surrounded by the city of Omaha, where Boys Town families routinely go on outings to shop and attend movies and sports events. Many of our youth work part-time jobs at Omaha area businesses and participate in community service projects.

  • ​​​Family Involvement

    Family involvement is a key part to your child’s success at Boys Town.

    While living in a Family Home with their Family-Teachers®, children become members of the Boys Town “family.” But they don’t lose their own family.

    AaronAs a parent, you know your child best. Your input and participation plays a huge role in improving outcomes for your child. Your child’s Family-Teacher will work with you to develop a plan that lays out the best course of action to help your child. Family-Teachers will help coach you on how to use positive parenting strategies, and empower you with the confidence and support to continue to use these strategies when your child comes home.

    When your child has a significant achievement, you will be the first to know! Your child will have opportunities to talk to you by phone during the week, and on birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. Parents are welcome to contact their child’s Family Home at any time.

    Besides helping youth get their lives back on track, Family-Teachers and others in the Family Home Program strive to prepare youth and their families for reunification. Boys Town offers parenting classes, in-home family counseling and ​other resources to strengthen families and make a youth’s transition home smoother and successful.