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It is their life, their lifestyle and their mission.

Helping the children in their care is more than just a job for Boys Town’s Family-Teachers®.

As the primary caregivers in the Family Home Program, Family-Teachers form a special bond with the youth in their care. Boys Town has always been, and will always be, about doing what is best for the child, and our Family-Teachers go above and beyond every day to make a lasting, positive difference in the lives of the young people who depend on them.

A Family-Teaching Couple starts building a relationship with a child as soon as the decision is made to place that child in their Family Home. Family-Teachers review the information that is available about the child, and participate in developing the child’s Service Plan. Boys Town works hard to match the needs of a youth with the strengths of a Family-Teaching Couple. This makes it more likely that youth will develop strong relationships with the couple and experience positive outcomes.

In some Family Homes, Family-Teachers will have children of their own. This provides an opportunity for youth to see how their Family-Teachers parent with their own kids and how that parenting approach meshes with the teaching and guidance that occurs with their Boys Town family.

Boys Town strives to provide the best care for troubled youth with behavioral and mental health problems.

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