St. John Paul II Catholic High School Volunteers at Boys Town North Florida's ART Town

Instead of having a regular day in the classroom, 18 students from St. John Paul II Catholic High School joined Boys Town North Florida at their ART Town campus for a day of service.

Students kicked off their day by learning about the history of Boys Town and the impact their work will make on the kids at Boys Town North Florida. After learning about Boys Town, they created over 50 Valentine's Day cards with thoughtful messages and pictures to inspire the kids. One student included a note saying, “Don't forget, an arrow must first be drawn backward before it can be launched forward. Never stop working hard towards the future. Happy Valentine's Day."

The volunteers wrapped up in the art room by taking inventory of all the stored supplies and put on their gardening gloves. They pulled out weeds, cleared debris, and laid mulch in front and around the sides of the building. They finished their day by removing debris and overgrowth from the garden beds and putting in fresh soil in preparation for the growing season.

All of the volunteers worked hard during each of their tasks and truly exemplified doing service from the heart with smiles on their face. Boys Town North Florida would like to extend a thank you to the students and faculty at St. John Paul II who participated in the day of service.