In-Home Family Services Help Busy Mom Connect with Her Kids, Which Also Helps Her Business

Tonya's journey with Boys Town North Florida began when her children's school-related behaviors started affecting their home life, and she realized she needed help to make a change.

After trying other methods without success, she accepted help from Monica and Boys Town North Florida's In-Home Family Services program. Monica's guidance not only helped Tonya's family overcome these challenges, but also played a pivotal role in Tonya's entrepreneurial journey, leading her to become a successful business owner with her American Caribbean soul food truck, Xclusive Eatz.

During their visits, Tonya shared her love for cooking, and she would serve Monica food while discussing her family's goals. Monica encouraged Tonya to start selling her food, and eventually connected her to a community event called Frenchtown Rising. Tonya's food was an instant hit.

Tonya's success in the food industry has been recognized by celebrities such as Trick Daddy, who endorses her. Tonya met Trick Daddy through her godbrother, and they are now like family.

However, before her culinary success, Tonya faced challenges with her children's behavior in school, leading to a Department of Children and Families call. Her kids were influenced by others in school, and their behaviors started making their way back into the home. Though Tonya was hesitant at first, she was willing to try In-Home Family Services.

Tonya's dedication and hard work paid off both at home and with her business.

Thanks to Monica's suggestions in the home, Tonya was able to adjust her children's actions. The positive results allowed Tonya to concentrate more on her business.

She completes catering orders for clients and cooks twice a month for Gadsden Re-entry Center. Within a few months of working with Monica, Tonya got her first food truck and is serving her food all around the Tallahassee area.

Tonya's motto is, "If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will." Thanks to her determination and the help of IHFS, Tonya's Xclusive Eatz is now thriving, and her delicious food is enjoyed by many. Consider checking out her delicious creations on Facebook or Instagram at: @XclusiveEatzTally.