Florida State university Partnership

FSU Partnership Update!

Boys Town North Florida and Florida State University (FSU) forged an inspiring partnership last summer, bringing together our resilient youth and the spirited athletes of the Seminoles. Through a series of engaging events and interactions, this collaboration sparked moments of inspiration, mentorship, and lasting connections that left an indelible mark on all involved.

The journey began with a summer kick-off party, where our kids had the chance of a lifetime to play basketball with the skilled athletes of the FSU Men's Basketball Team. Beyond the game, conversations about college, life paths, and staying focused ensued, turning athletes into mentors and instilling hope in our youth.

Next, it was the women's basketball team's turn to make a memorable visit to our campus, engaging in games and emphasizing their commitment to community service. Shared interests and connections flourished, bridging gaps and fostering camaraderie.

As summer unfolded, the FSU Seminoles Football Team joined the fray, spending weeks engaging with the youth in various activities and conversations. From designing Nike shoes to sharing lunch and participating in art sessions, bonds were forged, and lessons of resilience and kindness imparted.

The pinnacle of the partnership came when Boys Town was invited to watch a pre-season football practice at FSU's Indoor Practice Facility. The excitement was palpable as the youth witnessed the players in action and received words of encouragement from Coach Mike Norvell himself.

Coach Norvell's inspiring message resonated with the youth, reminding them of their potential and the importance of positivity. The impact of these encounters was profound, with many expressing newfound inspiration to pursue college and athletic aspirations.

In another remarkable highlight, Boys Town youth, Jeremiah, emerged as the winner of a Shoe Design Competition hosted by FSU and Boys Town. His winning design was brought to life during a Seminoles practice, symbolizing the power of creativity and achievement.

As we reflect on the past year's collaboration, we are filled with gratitude for the positivity, mentorship, and inspiration shared by FSU Athletics. Together, we have shown our youth a path forward, reminding them that with dedication and effort, anything is possible.