Family Home Youth (Aure) Independent Living Success Story

Aure'Anna (Aure) is a driven, intelligent and passionate 18 year old who lives with the Dunn Family in the Boys Town North Florida Family Home Program. Aure currently is a senior at Godby High School, her favorite subject is writing. While at Godby, Aure has earned Honor Roll and played on the varsity soccer team.

While she isn't in school, Aure enjoys reading, traveling, swimming, being outside and spending time with her bearded dragon, Charlie. Aure also shared that she loves spending time with her brother, Isiah, who also lives on the Family Home Campus. One unique accomplishment that Aure is proud of is earning her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license prior to graduating High School. Beyond earing the certification, while in the program, Aure maintained one of the highest GPAs in the co-hort. Aure is very passionate to help others, she is planning to become a Forensic Nurse to help individuals who have been harmed or violated.

Aure shared her favorite part of living at Boys Town has been the experiences she's had while living with the Dunn's- she mentioned visiting many places she had never heard of or been to, including the beach. She also shared she loves the Dunn's and feels very close to both Mr. Mike and Mrs. Joanie.

While living with the Dunn's, Aure worked a part-time job and saved up money to purchase a car and create a savings account. Aure is very goal-oriented and looks forward to starting her next chapter- she will be moving into her own apartment and beginning nursing school at Tallahassee Community College. As a sendoff, Boys Town North Florida staff and board member celebrated and showered her with a party and household items to ensure Aure will be set for success in her apartment.

Everyone at Boys Town North Florida is so proud of Aure and looks forward to hear about her incredible accomplishments in the future!

Quote: “I live my life a quarter mile at a time."​