Employee Spotlight: Cathy and Greg

In this issue, we recognize Boys Town North Florida employees Cathy Andrews and Greg Denson, both Senior Assistant Family-Teachers in the Family Home Program with a combined 45 years at Boys Town North Florida. This is longer than the North Florida site has been in existence. Cathy and Greg are who many staff at Boys Town North Florida consider to be “the backbone" of the Family Home Program --consistently putting the children and their peers first as they have for many, many years.

Staff describe both Greg and Cathy as dependable, reliable, kind and considerate. No matter what is happening at work, any Boys Town staff member knows they can pick up the phone and call them for help and be met with kindness and assistance. Everyone responded both Cathy and Greg are servant leaders who consistently are going above and beyond for both Family Home and Boys Town.

Outside of work, both Greg and Cathy enjoy spending time with their families. Greg began with Boys Town as an Assistant Family-Teacher in 2007 and has remained in that role ever since. Outside of work, Greg enjoys reading, fishing and mentoring students. Friends at work describe Greg as friendly, selfless, loyal and a pleasure to be around.

Cathy originally began with Boys Town in 1992 as a Family-Teacher with her husband. After several years in this role, the family decided to move on. Cathy, however, opted to serve as an Assistant Family-Teacher for the site and has done so ever since. Cathy is described to be a loving, loyal, dedicated advocate to the Family Home Program.

Family-Teacher Misty Mackley reflected on how many times Greg and Cathy stepped in to help not only the children in her home, but also her own children. “If you ask our own children they will say, Greg and Cathy are family," Misty said. Both Greg and Cathy are highly skilled individuals with a clear passion to serve the children, families and staff at Boys Town. They will forever leave their mark on Boys Town North Florida.​