Boys Town Youth / Alumni Spotlight CeCe Mackley

Meet Celeena (CeCe) Mackley, our Family Home Program Summer Recreation Coordinator. CeCe has a long, distinct, and personal history with Boys Town North Florida and the Family Home Program, as her parents, Trinity and Misty Mackley, have been Family-Teachers on the Family Home Campus since 2004. CeCe has spent most of her childhood growing up at Boys Town North Florida.

CeCe was 5 years old when her family began their journey with Boys Town, moving into Home C on the Family Home Campus, a home that housed 6-8 boys. As the years passed, the Mackley's quickly became veteran Family-Teacher's on campus. When CeCe turned 13, the family moved to Home D, sharing the home with 6 other girls around her age. CeCe says some of her favorite memories of Boys Town took place in this home. She specifically recalls helping the girls do their hair and makeup before the annual Youth Awards Banquet and giving advice to the girls when they approached her for help. CeCe said during these times she felt more like a big sister to the other girls in the home.

CeCe has accomplished many things while living at Boys Town. Active in her school's JROTC, she served as the Group Commander and the Commander of the Marksmanship team. CeCe participated on the school's Color Guard team, Robotics Club, and was a member of the National Honor Society, completing more than 120 hours of community service.

CeCe describes growing up at Boys Town as being part of a huge family. Between the kids living on campus, the Family Home staff, and even the staff members that work at the administrative office, she always felt she was loved.

Most recently, CeCe experienced this love from her Boys Town family as they celebrated her for graduating seventh in her class from Godby High School and getting accepted into the University of Central Florida. CeCe plans to begin the Aerospace Engineering program at UCF this August and looks forward to beginning the next chapter in her life. After completing college, CeCe would like to become an aerospace engineer and design planes and military aircraft. Everyone who knows CeCe and her drive and determination have little doubt she will make her dreams come true!​