Boys Town North Florida Youth Finds His Forever Home

In March, the Leach family grew by another member with the finalization of the adoption of their 15-year-old son Jose.

Jose was a youth at Boys Town North Florida and lived with the Leach's during their time as a Family Teaching Couple before they transitioned to become Specialized Therapeutic Foster Parents with the Foster Family Program.

The Leach's remember when they first came to Boys Town North Florida five years ago and Jose was the first youth they met. They have seen him mature over the years and are very proud of the young man he is becoming.

Jose is extremely gifted in math and plans to attend college to study Robotic Engineering. He wants to attend a nearby college, so he doesn't have to leave his new home.

When asked about the adoption, the Leach's responded, “We keep doing what we are called to do, we keep standing!"

Congratulations to the Leach's and Jose!