Boys Town North Florida Throws an Unforgettable Summer Recreation Kick-Off Party

​On Friday, June 16th, Boys Town North Florida hosted an unforgettable Summer Recreation Kick-Off Party, marking the beginning of summer break for the youth in the Family Home Program. The event was a blast, filled with fun summer activities that brought smiles to all.

Themed “Water Day," one highlight was an extra-long waterslide that provided endless thrills and spills. The kids slid down with pure joy, cooling off under the summer sun. Pool games and other activities, including water volleyball and water balloons tosses, added to the excitement, with both kids and staff enjoying the fun in the sun.

Adding to the festivities, the Florida State University (FSU) men's basketball team joined in, giving the youth athletes a chance to showcase their skills and play basketball with the talented college players. It was an incredible opportunity for the youth to connect with inspiring athletes and experience the thrill of playing alongside them.

The party also served as a graduation celebration for four remarkable individuals who recently completed high school. In recognition of their achievements, each graduate received a trunk filled with essential independent living items. These thoughtful gifts – dishes, bedding, appliances, and more – will support them as they embark on their journey to independent adulthood.

As the day warmed up, everyone was treated to a delightful surprise: the arrival of the Big Easy Snowball's snow cone truck. The kids eagerly lined up to savor the icy, flavorful treats, enjoying a refreshing break from the summer heat.

Boys Town North Florida extends heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this event. The generosity of our donors, the enthusiastic participation of the FSU basketball team, and the delightful treats from Big Easy Snowballs made this day truly special. Together, we created a memorable celebration, one filled with laughter, fun, and a sense of community for the youth in our care.