Honor Flight

Boys Town North Florida Sends Over 100 Letters to Tallahassee Honor Flight Veterans

Boys Town North Florida proudly joined the heartwarming festivities of Honor Flight Tallahassee's 10th annual flight to Washington, D.C. This memorable event welcomed back 76 veterans who bravely served their country during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. As they returned home to a hero's welcome at Tallahassee Airport, the overwhelming support from nearly 300 community members underscored the profound gratitude felt for their sacrifices.

Boys Town North Florida's staff played an active role in honoring these veterans. Three family members of staff members attended the event: Mike McCarron, the father of Development Director Mary Rose McCarron; Dick Van Atta, the father of File Clerk Cathy Van Atta; and Bill Alfred, the uncle of Foster Care Consultant Emily Backes.

Additionally, youth on the Boys Town North Florida Family Home campus participated in a friendly competition to create the most letters for the veterans on the Honor Flight. At the conclusion of the event, over 120 heartfelt letters, crafted by Boys Town North Florida youth and families, were distributed to each veteran attendee during the Mail Call on the flight home, thanking them for their dedicated service to our country.

Vietnam Veteran John W. McLeod sent Boys Town North Florida a thank you letter for the generous letters.

“Thank you for the cards you sent to Honor Flight 27 in April 2024,” McLeod wrote. “When I opened my mail envelope, I was most pleasantly surprised to find many cards and letters from people and organizations that knew nothing about me. The sense of welcome was almost overwhelming throughout the day. People, like you, went out of their way to make us feel like we were indeed welcome home once again. Thank you and may God bless you.”