Boys Town North Florida's ART Town Weekend of Beautification

RT Town is an essential part of Boys Town North Florida – from therapy appointments to a former school for their Family Home campus – this facility is a bountiful resource for children and families. As ART Town is utilized, wear and tear builds up and the grounds occasionally need a refresh. October was an excellent month for ART Town thanks to volunteer groups from The Big Event and Community Christian School. Their efforts made ART Town sparkle again!

The Big Event Summer Garden Removal

On Saturday, October 16, The Big Event team arrived at Boys Town North Florida's ART Town prepared for a day of service. Students eagerly listened for instructions and asked questions surrounding their service project to renovate the community garden completely. Around 12 volunteers attended the event and worked tirelessly to restore the area to its original state and it's now ready to be planted again with fall produce. The entire project took around three hours and their hard work certainly paid off. Some volunteers shared how proud they are of their accomplishments and others were excited to find live, fresh produce unexpectedly.

Community Christian School Playground Restoration

On Monday, October 18, the Community Christian School of Tallahassee came to ART Town for the challenging, yet fulfilling, project of restoring the playground. Approximately 15 high school students came determined with their lunches, water, gear, and other tools ready to commit to the intense day ahead of them. Students worked in small groups, each with a team leader, to conquer necessary steps to get the whole project done. Groups worked to pick up litter and debris, rake the old playground mulch, sanitize the slides and swings, and wheel new mulch toward the playground to put down.

Boys Town North Florida is very thankful for both groups' dedication to their projects! ART Town would not be looking as great as it does without their help!