Boys Town North Florida Partners with Walmart and Macy Harper for a Special Easter

Boys Town North Florida strongly believes in the importance of celebrating holidays to further foster the family-style environment that is present in family homes. It was important to staff and supporters that the kids wake up to overflowing Easter baskets to ring in the holiday, just like many children around the country did that same morning. Thanks to Macy Harper, a recuring volunteer, and Walmart Supercenter Store #1408, this Easter dream came true.

Since 2021, Macy has been determined to support the children at Boys Town North Florida and make them feel special during the holidays. For Easter last year, Macy solicited donations from families, individuals, and businesses to create the most extravagant Easter baskets. She enjoyed this experience so much that she decided to come back again for the project this year.

In preparation for Macy's project, the Boys Town North Florida Development Team reached out to Walmart Store #1408 to see if they would be interested in partnering with Macy for the donation. As a generous partner, Walmart jumped at the opportunity to help and provided each child with an Easter basket, Easter grass filling for the baskets, and candy.

After their original donation, the store's Operations Manager, called to offer additional donations. Health, wellness, and bath and beauty products were donated along with more candy and toys.

Boys Town North Florida was able to happily accept the donations and help stuff the Easter baskets for not just the Family Home program but for all the different programs offered. The kids were thrilled to see their Easter baskets and it made for a very special holiday.

Boys Town would like to thank Macy and Walmart #1408 for their generous donations and for