Boys Town North Florida Hosts Car Caravan for Care Coordination Services Families

To remain connected to the children and families they serve, the Boys Town North Florida Care Coordination Services staff planned car caravans to visit their families from a distance. Over the course of four weeks, the program visited over 25 families and held four different caravans.

The Care Coordination Services staff worked together to create a plan and a route. They o decorated their cars with positive messages of hope and healing and made their way to the homes of the families.

Boys Town North Florida staff handed out candy, beads, glow sticks, and bubbles along the caravan routes while music played from the cars. The Leon County Sherriff's Office along with the Gadsden County Sherriff's Office joined the caravan by providing an officer who traveled the routes with the Boys Town staff to ensure the safety of all.

The car caravans were a huge success by offering an opportunity for consultants to see families in a fun and safe way and to let them know that Boys Town North Florida is with them, even during a pandemic.