Boys Town North Florida Hosts 3rd Annual Book Fair

On July 9th, Boys Town North Florida youth and families enjoyed their 3rd Annual Book Fair and Book-Nic, thanks to the "Boys Town North Florida Friends".​

Education and community partners provided the gift of reading to youth and families in the Foster Care, In-Home Family Services, Care Coordination Services and Family Home programs. The book fair, held at North Florida's ART Town facility was a fun-filled event for youth and families and thanks to partners, youth had a wonderful time browsing over a selection of 350 diverse books from a range of genres.

The Book-Nic was funded through the James Dahl Endowment for Education, which has been instrumental in expanding educational support and opportunities for Boys Town North Florida youth.

A special thanks was given to the Black Organization for Leadership Development (BOLD) ERG who partnered this year to donate age-appropriate books on diversity and inclusion.

Boys Town North Florida would also like to thank the Florida Center for Reading Research, Tallahassee Area Center of Excellence National Achievers Society, Eduprehd Research & Development Partners, Color in STEM, National Center for Improving Literacy, and Maya's Book Nook for donating books and their services to ensure the success of the annual Book Fair and Book-Nic.​