Boys Town North Florida Congratulates 2022 Next Gen Graduates

Boys Town North Florida congratulates its 2021-2022 Next Gen Leaders for officially graduating from the Next Gen program! NextGen is a leadership initiative that welcomes our most dedicated, highly regarded staff members to participate in the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Through this program, Next Gen participants undergo monthly trainings facilitated by various leaders at the site and within Boys Town. Additionally, they read and complete required articles and assessments to further hone their skills.​

Next Gen was created to give selected staff, who demonstrate a high level of skill and proficiency in their positions, an opportunity to further enhance their leadership skills.  It also allows them to engage with site leadership more directly, in a way that they might not otherwise have had the opportunity.  This investment in staff is aimed at building the sites leadership bench to have skilled staff ready to assume leadership roles at the site or within the organization as a whole as they become available.  

Despite the various startups and recesses due to COVID, this dynamic group of three persevered and graduated.  Cohort Three utilized the knowledge gained from their participation in Next Gen to complete a final assignment that involved developing strategies of how to right the ship at the fictious “Boys Town Hawaii."  They were able to identify gaps in revenue, the absence of marketing to the community and the lack of a real retention plan for staff as a few of the major issues that they wanted to immediately address.    

Congratulations again to our Cohort Three Next Gen class on their completion of the program!