Boys Town North Florida Celebrates 40th Anniversary with a Successful Donation Drive

In a heartfelt endeavor to mark their 40th anniversary, Boys Town North Florida came together with the community to give back in a significant way. Their recent donation drive, which collected an array of food and hygiene items, showcased the power of collaboration and the impact of selfless giving.

Boys Town North Florida's milestone anniversary called for something special. The organization decided to celebrate by focusing on its core mission: to support those in need in the local community. To achieve this, Boys Town North Florida organized a donation drive that brought staff, community partners and local schools together to make a difference.

One pivotal collaborator in this initiative was Cornerstone Learning Community (CLC), a local educational institution that rallied alongside Boys Town North Florida to collect goods for the donation drive. With the enthusiastic support of CLC and the dedication of Boys Town North Florida's staff and volunteers, the donation drive exceeded expectations. Cornerstone Admissions Director, Patty Backes said the following about the donation drive: “We are a service-learning school in our 24th year of operation. Boys Town has been our neighbor for 22 of those years. Through service-learning opportunities like these, our students get the opportunity to understand what it feels like to give back to the community around them. We were honored to help Boys Town, our friends and neighbors, who do such important work in our local communities.”

The collected items were a testament to the community's generosity. Over 300 tampons, 200 diapers, 200 pads and a multitude of oral hygiene items, pantry staples and more were donated. These contributions are destined to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

The donations found a grateful recipient in Gadsden County Schools, which was thrilled to accept the generous gifts. All items went to Gadsden Parent Services, a program that operates within Gadsden County Schools to support Gadsden children and families in need of assistance. They wasted no time identifying families within the community who would benefit most from the food and hygiene items. This immediate response underscores the urgency of the needs within the community and the effectiveness of the donation drive.

"Boys Town North Florida has always been dedicated to the well-being of children and families in our community," said Gina Rogers. "This donation drive, with the help of Cornerstone School and the dedication of our staff and volunteers, exemplifies our commitment to making a tangible difference. We are truly grateful to the Gadsden County Schools for their collaboration and the efficient distribution of these much-needed items."

The success of this donation drive highlights the importance of community collaboration and the profound impact that a collective effort can have. Boys Town North Florida's 40th-anniversary celebration will forever be marked not only by the number of items collected but also by the countless lives touched by their selfless giving.

As Boys Town North Florida looks forward to its future, the organization remains committed to its mission of supporting children and families, strengthening communities and fostering a culture of giving and empathy.

Gadsden County Schools Superintendent, Mr. Elijah Key, said, "I am deeply appreciative of Boys Town’s donation to our Family And Community Engagement (FACE) office. These contributions, including essential food and supplies, have added to our effort to provide vital resources to families facing crises. I look forward to our continued partnership to provide resources to the families of Gadsden County.”