Boys Town North Florida Care Coordination Services Program Helps Struggling Youth

Tyler Chester was admitted to Boys Town North Florida's Care Coordination Services (CCS) Program in 2020. During his initial intake, his mother, Ms. Chester, reported participation with multiple outpatient mental health programs, three previous admissions to the Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program (SIPP), and ​​involvement with outpatient services​​.

Ms. Chester informed Boys Town North Florida that she was awaiting approval from another SIPP placement in South Florida for her son. His behavior and aggression towards others were out of control and there had been multiple incidents where Tyler had acted aggressively towards family members, resulting in injury. It was reported that the home setting was unsafe because of his escalated behavior, lack of effectiveness of outpatient services, and lack of buy in with mental health providers.

With the help of a CCS Consultant, a safety plan was created, informal supports were utilized, and Tyler was placed with a family member while they awaited a SIPP placement to become available.

During this waiting period, Tyler's CCS Consultant advocated for him to have access to services and worked with the public defender's office to get a referral for an anger management counselor. The consultant also assisted Tyler's family in navigating systems, being a support in court and with various providers, and offering empathy during a times of need.

At the close of services, Tyler had made the A/B Honor role for three consecutive nine week periods. He was also attending anger management counseling weekly, exhibiting self-control in the home setting, and didn't have any incidents or aggression outbursts in the latest reporting period.

Tyler successfully completed the Care Coordination Program and is expected to remain in the home setting because of his improved behavior.