Boys Town National Alumni Services and North Florida Partner to Answer the Call "Home" for Alumni

The transition to adulthood and self-sufficiency can be challenging for any young person. For youth in the child welfare system, this transition can be even more challenging. Demonstrating Boys Town's commitment to youth, National Alumni Services and Boys Town North Florida partnered to provide support to Stanley Williams, a Boys Town North Florida alumni.

In 2019, Stanley successfully completed the residential program and transitioned into the independent living program. He enrolled into a local community college in Tallahassee, Florida, and earned several industry certifications, leading him into an online program at the university.

Over the years, Executive Director Marcus Lampkin has served as the primary contact for North Florida youth who have found themselves without any other options, requiring them to call “home" for support. “Unlike other college students who typically have supportive relationships and connections, kids who transition from the child welfare system after turning eighteen rarely have the same support systems or 'safety nets,'" said Lampkin. “This is not the case for our Boys Town alumni. In fact, we take pride in instilling in our youth that we are a family, and should they find themselves in need of a 'hand up' as they transition into adulthood, we are here to support them."

Earlier this year, Stanley experienced a major bump in the road. He lost his housing of two years and found himself homeless. After a two-week period, Stanley reached out and called “home" to ask for help. Loma Garland, an Administrative Assistant at Boys Town North Florida, spoke to Stanley and immediately forwarded his call to Lampkin.

Stanley explained to Lampkin that he had finally built up the nerves to call and ask for help after a few nights living on the streets while continuing to work and register for online courses for the upcoming semester. He further explained that feeling defeated and having nowhere else to turn, he decided to reach out for help. Lampkin immediately went to locate Stanley, and using local resources set aside for such incidents, placed him in temporary housing.

Understanding the need for additional supports, Lampkin reached out to Tony Jones, Vice President of After Care Services. Without hesitation, Tony connected Lampkin with national resources, providing additional financial support for Stanley's temporary housing until he transitioned into his new apartment. The partnership between Boys Town's National Alumni Services and Boys Town North Florida, in conjunction with local supports was instrumental and truly a blessing to meet Stanley's needs.