ART Town Resource Fair and Career Day

Boys Town North Florida hosted a Career Fair at ART Town on Saturday, February 26. More than 26 youth reside on the Family Home Campus, the majority over 14 years of age. As planning for the career fair began, the group discussed the importance of exposing our teens to a diverse array of careers in a fun, positive manner. Each of the 12 organizations that attended the fair prepared a quick, fun and enriching activity for the kids to complete which involved the organization's work. In total, 24 professionals were present, facilitating activities and talking to the youth about their careers and the many options available beyond what was present at the career fair. The exhibitors brought activities such as reading off a teleprompter, playing a quiz game about animals, putting on official police gear, and watching a professional graphic designer draw in real time.

As the youth visited the various exhibitors and learned about potential career opportunities, they brought their “Career Fair Passport," receiving a stamp upon completion of the activity at each station. The exhibitors engaged with our youth, giving them encouraging words as they begin to consider career options for themselves.

Brian Jackson, news reporter on ABC Channel 27, WTXL, Tallahassee said, "Giving back is one of my favorite parts about being a news anchor. You never know who you might inspire. After practicing reading the teleprompter, one of the kids named Kyle mentioned he might consider being a journalist one day. That right there, is what makes these types of events so special."

After the youth had the opportunity to learn from the exhibitors, the kids wanted to teach the exhibitors a bit more about themselves. During Black History Month, the Family Home youth created a collaborative project called the “We Are" gallery. The purpose of the gallery is to represent the identities of each youth, within their homes and as individuals. Each exhibitor thoughtfully viewed the creation, learning a bit more about our youth, an experience appreciated by all involved.   

Boys Town North Florida wishes to thank the exhibitors who presented as well as the volunteers who set up, facilitated and cleaned up afterwards.  We are thankful for their role in helping shape the future of our Boys Town youth.

Keiser University

Brian Jackson, News Anchor, WTXL, ABC 27, TV

Tallahassee Fire Department

Elton Burgest, Graphic Designer

Lively Technical College

Florida Farm Bureau

Veterinary Technology Student, Veterinary Technology Club at Florida A&M University

Mobile Health Services and Outreach Administrator, Bond Community Health Center, Inc.

Tallahassee Police Department

Jacory Wiley, Motivational Speaker / Author, Visions to Reality Production

MetaVisions and FINACIOUS