ART Town Resource Center

ART Town at Boys Town North Florida is a key component to our organization; ART stands for Art, Resources and Training. Opening its doors in 2016, ART Town has been utilized for therapeutic groups and sessions, independent skills workshops, a school grounds for our children during COVID, foster parent trainings, a center for collaboration for both employees at Boys Town and the community and so much more.

In 2022, we are looking to add in a Resource Center component to ART Town to allow the facility to continue enriching our children's and family's lives. As our campus is returning to conditions more similar to pre-pandemic times, such as the children in brick-and-mortar school, we are hoping to introduce engaging afterschool programs and activities through ART Town. Groups such as a gardening, culinary, chess and photography are all on our radar to allow children a positive outlet to engage in while also learning practical and enriching life skills. Please consider purchasing items from our ART Town Resource Center registry on Amazon, donating like items to Boys Town, or reaching out to see how to get involved in volunteering in the programs.​