Alize's Adoption Story

In 2019, when Alize came to Boys Town North Florida, she had experienced past trauma and recently lost her grandmother, who was her caregiver at the time. She was placed in a Family Home where she established a bond with her Assistant Family Teacher, Shamara Folks. Alize stated, “I knew she would be my mom.” 

Although she had no children of her own, Shamara instantly connected with Alize and said they had a lot of similarities. In 2020, Alize transitioned into Shamara's home around Christmas. Boys Town North Florida staff, including Care Coordinator Services Consultant Stefanie Jones, continued to advocate for Alize's best interest and provided formal support for Shamara.

On June 2, Alize received one of her best birthday gifts and was officially adopted, becoming Alize Folks. The adoption took place virtually and there was no dry eye on screen.

“I believe Alize is an exceptional young lady and a true example of triumph,” said Stefanie. “Through this entire process she maintained all A's. She also completed two summer classes, Chemistry and Geometry, which she took to help lighten her load for senior year.”

Alize is looking forward to her senior year and has plans to attend either Florida A&M or Florida State University after high school.