A Night to Remember for a Boys Town Youth

Brooklyn is a 15-year-old girl who desperately wanted to have a night she would always remember for her Junior ROTC Ball earlier this year. Like many 15-year-old girls, she wanted to put on a fancy dress and ditch the glasses she had been wearing since middle school. With program budgets being tight for such things, Boys Town North Florida's Development Department started making phone calls. Eye Associates of Tallahassee was more than willing to help Brooklyn and gift her a brand-new set of contact lenses.

Not only was Brooklyn able to get rid of her glasses, the Aveda Institute of Tallahassee did her hair and makeup free of charge. There was even room in the budget to buy her a new gown to dance the night away with all of her peers.

Because of the efforts of so many generous supporters, Brooklyn was able to feel more confident than ever when attending her ball. It has been an absolute pleasure to see the community come together and make sure our young ones are not only cared for, but giving them the experience of a lifetime.