A Journey of Resilience: The Greene-Howard Family Story

This summer, Boys Town North Florida had the opportunity to work with a family facing significant challenges. Within a month of beginning services, the Greene-Howard family encountered an emergency when their son, Omarion, was struck by a car. Through the partnership with Boys Town, the family is now thriving and working together to overcome their difficulties.

In May 2023, In-Home Family Consultant Damien and Intern Nye'Dra conducted an admission visit with the Greene-Howard family. The family was referred to Boys Town to address ongoing struggles involving parenting skills and substance use. Kiara, the mother, has had a unique journey and was happy to accept help from Boys Town. Having spent nearly two years incarcerated, she was recently released from prison and sought to leave behind her past in Panama City. With determination, she relocated to Tallahassee, working full-time at McDonald's to build a better life for herself and her children.

Despite the challenges they faced before engaging with Boys Town, Kiara's commitment to change and her family's well-being persisted. The family's close-knit bond and efforts to overcome difficulties, such as addressing Omarion's self-harm concerns and past incidents, demonstrated their resilience. However, unforeseen adversity struck one Wednesday afternoon in June when Omarion was hit by a car while leaving a family outing. Despite the tragedy, the Boys Town North Florida community rallied around Kiara and the family, offering empathy, active listening, and support. The team ensured she had access to the resources and informal support she needed while staying by her son's side during his recovery.

As of recently, Omarrion is out the hospital and is recuperating at home. He is engaged in physical therapy and other services to get better soon. Since the initial accident, he is doing much better physically and mentally.  Through love, compassion, and dedicated efforts, the Greene-Howard family's journey exemplifies the transformative power of resilience and community support. Boys Town North Florida continues to stand by them, providing a sanctuary of hope and healing for those facing adversity. As the family embraces the challenges ahead, their story serves as a poignant reminder of the profound difference that love and support can make in the lives of vulnerable children and families.​