'My Very Own Blanket’ Donation from Southwood Community

In a heartwarming tradition, Southwood, through its "My Very Own Blanket" project, returned for the second year to support Boys Town North Florida. Sponsored by Maple Ridge Southwood and coordinated by resident leader Michele Dames, the initiative saw 80 blankets donated, symbolizing community care for foster youth.

Inspired by a past initiative, Ms. Nicole Hoffman approached Ms. Michelle Dames in December 2022, to revive the tradition. Michelle, backed by the Southwood community and Ms. Hoffman, successfully funded and organized over 40 volunteers to craft the blankets from December 2nd to 5th.

On Giving Tuesday, December 5th, 2023, the Southwood Gives Back Project delivered the blankets, spreading warmth to Boys Town North Florida youth. Boys Town North Florida is touched by the continued commitment.

This heartfelt partnership showcases the power of community compassion, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of Boys Town North Florida's youth.