The Mission Runs Deep in Boys Town New England Staff Member

Amaury Tavarez began at Boys Town New England as a Family-Teacher® in 2017, along with his wife, when their two sons were six and nine years old.  They later adopted the first youth who came into their care at their Family Home – he was 14 at the time.  When they found out they were expecting what would be their fourth child, they had to give up their role as Family Teachers due to their expanding family.  Amaury, however, continued in his direct care role with youth as an Assistant Family Teacher®.

“I continuously strive to show children the love that they may not have ever received before," Amaury said when discussing the positions he has held at Boys Town. 

Having recently reached his five-year work anniversary mark at Boys Town, Amaury can attest to the fact that the Boys Town Model® works when you give it time.  “This is not a job.  It's a mission.  The love and appreciation I have received has blessed not only my life but my entire family. It is rewarding to see the positive impact you have on a life."

Boys Town New England's Senior Director of Program Operations, Marcy Shyllon shared, “Amaury holds so much value in the Family Home Program.  He is constantly positive no matter what the day brings, and his optimism is contagious.  He makes everything about the kids even when they are displaying challenging behaviors.  He is leaned on constantly to develop and support newer staff because of the quality of his knowledge and performance of the model."

Amaury shared that a short time ago he got the sad news that a teen who had once received care in his Family Home had passed away.  His 11-year-old son suggested they plant a tree on their current property in the teen's memory. “My children saw him as family; they were brothers," Amaury said.

Recently, Amaury, along with his wife and children, traveled to Texas to support a former youth from their home who was expecting his first child.  Amaury shared, “We were all there to celebrate for his baby shower."

Amaury is licensed with his wife to be Foster Parents, to care for kids in need outside of working in the Family Home Program.  He is currently the father to five boys, as he and his wife are presently fostering a two-year-old child.  Marcy states, “The Boys Town mission is a very personal mission for him and his family."

Amaury is most proud of his children and the way they appreciate and love family.  “My kids ask about the kids here at Boys Town.  In turn, I see my kids appreciating what they have at home."

Outside of work as a Senior Family-Teacher, Amaury is involved in the Spanish hip-hop music scene.  He enjoys church, family and music.  

“Amaury encourages faith and character in our youth as these are values that are important to him personally," added Marcy.  “We are so very grateful to have Amaury on our team; he makes us stronger and better!"